About Me


Hi fellow foot lovers! I am Goddess Lynne, a 28 year old foot / fetish goddess who is far different from the rest. I actually understand your fetish, since I have a foot fetish myself. I was blind to this amazing form of sexual adoration for most of my life until two years ago when I met a special man who introduced me to the wonderful sensations and pleasures of foot worship. Since then, I have had a wild and passionate foot journey, which has led me deep into the fetish community. I now enjoy not only the adoration of the same man daily, as he has become my personal foot boy, but also the adoration of many other foot slaves near and far! I love fetish modeling and do not see myself slowing down anytime soon. Since I truly understand the passion and the pleasure one can get from having a foot fetish, I feel that I can be more intimate with my slaves and provide them with the most special fetish experiences they ever had.

My general interests:

I enjoy art, yoga, burlesque, geek culture, interior design, The Muppets, and feminism to name a few categories

My fetish interests:

I love: having my toes sucked, having my soles licked, long, passionate foot massages, pedicures, fetish photography, BDSM, giving footjobs, foot jewelry, financial domination, (I love receiving nice gifts from my wishlist), collecting and wearing sexy shoes and sandals and much more!

Foot lovers of all ages and genders, I welcome you to come enjoy my feet and be happy and free! You only live once, why deny ourselves this incredible pleasure?!
❤ Goddess Lynne